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I stuck my baby in a box today.

It was an empty Huggies box that held 144 size 3 diapers at one point in time. It’s was long and shallow and perfect for sitting practice and gives protection from the very energetic brother who always wants her attention. I swear, I never thought I would have to watch Caspian so much more now that Finley is in the mix. “Mama, I just love baby SOOOOOOO much. She’s my best.”

Heart-melting palpitations, I know.

He wants to hold her. He wants to carry her from room to room. He wants to pile all her stuffies on her head and wrap blankets around her so she’s warm. It’s the most adorable and frightening thing to watch. I never thought I would have to fling the shower curtain over the curtain rod every day, just so I could supervise through the sheer plastic curtain. The last thing I want to hear is, “lets see how far you can bounce, sissy!” when I am unclothed, covered in soap, and trying to shave my goosebump covered legs. I’ve mastered the 2 minute showers these days. #hairylegsforevvva

Seriously, what a blessing it is to have my little man love his sister TOO MUCH. 💞 Now, go slay your Thursday, sistas!!! ⚔️

-XO, Courtney