Our Story

We're Brittany and Courtney - both of us are full-time teachers turned stay-at-home moms working the side hustle and chasing our dreams of being entrepreneurs. =)

We love all things coffee, traveling, holidays, Target, traditions, and having our kids grow up like siblings. Brittany has two babes - Brayden is 4.5 and Breena who just turned 2. Courtney has Caspian, who is 2.5, and another sweet little one due later this year!


So how did the Protea Lane story begin?

Protea Lane was inspired by the strength of being a mama, our friends' stylish ways, the courage to do something different, and the joy of all things pretty. 
We both LOVE flowers! The protea flower is a gorgeous flower from Africa, and symbolizes strength and courage - and we knew this is what our company was about. 

Our husbands (who are brothers) were both born in South Africa. All of us being photographers and addicted to traveling, it was time to see one of their favorite places in the world. So we headed to South Africa! 
Our packing stress level was off the charts with an international trip with a 2.5-year-old, 8-month-old, and a four-month-old. The earliest idea for the company was born after this trip. We knew that we needed a practical and functional backpack perfect for our day trips - as well as our big trips (while of course looking stylish and cute).

Thank you for following along in our journey!

- Brittany and Courtney