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Ways to wear my Traveler bag

  • We designed the Traveler bag so you could wear it multiple ways all with the same convertible strap!  Attach the strap on the rings at the side and wear it as a sling/crossbody or shorten the strap to wear as a purse. OR you can follow our tutorial to tie a gorgeous knot with the ring in the back to make it into a backpack.  The sliders on each side also allow you to adjust between who is wearing the bag without needing to retie the knot each time!

Just opened your Traveler bag?!

  • We recommend stuffing your Traveler bag with a pillow to fill it up and create the perfect shape! Can't wait that long?! That's ok just start packing your bag and the bag will adapt to you!

How do I tie the knot to wear as a backpack?

    1. Line up the bottom of the straps.
    2. Create a loop at the top.
    3. Push the loop OVER the ring by the grab and go handle.
    4. Pull the loop through enough to feed each strap into the loop. One towards the right to the ring at the bottom. One towards the left to the ring at the bottom. 
    5. Carefully and evenly pull the straps until the knot is lying flat and tight around the ring.
    6. Hook your straps on the rings at the bottom and adjust your sliders to your best fit!
  • We also have pictures and tutorial in our blog post if you need additional help! 

Do you accept returns?

  • Yes! We accept any unused orders within 30 days of purchasing. Of course you may need to test the zippers or try it on as a backpack or sling so give it a try, if it just isn't for you, please package it back up and send us an email at protealane@gmail.com to start your return process.

What material is the Traveler bag and Wristlet made from?

  • premium faux leather and YKK hardware

How do I care for my Traveler bag and Wristlet?

  • Our bags are made from premium faux leather, that means you can take a warm cloth and wipe them down! The interior is also made from premium leather so you can wipe down the inside as well! 

Does my bag come with a warranty?

  • Yes! Protea Lane takes great pride in designing high quality products.  We want your experience with your bag to be functional and luxurious.  Our warranty covers hardware and defects with your order number. If you are experiencing a problem, please email us at protealane@gmail.com 
  • Please note that our warranty does not cover wear and tear that occurs with normal day to day use.  It doesn't cover scratching, peeling, or rubbing off of the faux leather as well as accidents or spills.