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Adulting Is Hard

Adulting Is Hard

Hey friend.

This is your Monday morning check-in. How are you holding up? How are you, really? Is this week off to a great start or not so much? Sit down with your cup of joe and know that we are smack down in the middle of it all with you.

This life thing is hard. Like, really hard.
Being an adult is hard.
Being a mom or dad is hard.
Having a 9-5 is hard.
Being your own boss is hard.
Having a close relationship with Jesus is hard.
Living life during COVID is HARD. 
Saying, "No" to the Oreos is hard and saying "Yes!" to the workout is even harder. 
Having kids is overwhelming.
Not having kids is overwhelming.
Making plans is hard.
Having plans cancelled is hard. 

Whatever it is that is weighing you down on this Monday morning, I am sending you all the hugs. I am sending you words of encouragement.


This week is yours. May you find the strength to push through. 👊🏼

- XOXO Courtney