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Tying Your Traveler Backpack Knot!

convertible carrying strap for luxury diaper bag everyday bag

Hello! Did you just receive your bag?! Hooray! I hope you are loving it so much! I know lots of you are still trying to decide, "how should I wear my Traveler bag?!" A purse? A messenger/sling? Or the backpack?!

This little blog post will help show you how to tie the most beautiful knot for your Traveler to be worn in a backpack style!

  1. Line up the bottom of the straps.
  2. Create a loop that looks similar to the photo.
  3. Push the loop OVER the ring by the grab and go handle.
  4. Pull it through enough to feed each strap through. One towards the right. One towards the left. 
  5. Carefully and evenly pull the straps until the knot is lying flat and tight around the ring.
  6. Hook your straps on the rings at the bottom and adjust your sliders to your best fit!

See our pictures below for a visual!  Video on YouTube coming soon!